The Vision Statement provided below describes the desired state of the Montessori Children’s House over time. The Vision is an expression of possibility. Its purpose is to inspire our school community to help the Vision become reality. The Vision provides the basis from which the organization determines priorities and establishes targets for growth.

The Montessori Children’s House (MCH) in Providence is an organization built around the ideals of two women, Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori education, and Mary Jane O’Neill, the school’s founder. The foremost goal of the school is to provide an environment to meet the needs of the child. The MCH student is one who develops a life-long love of learning, indulges a natural sense of curiosity, and becomes a self-disciplined and self-motivated student.

In addition to our commitment to the principles of Montessori education, the school fosters in children a sense of stewardship toward their own bodies as well as the natural world. The school provides students with multiple outdoor and indoor opportunities for learning through doing. We encourage children to be active participants in the community and do their part to make it a better place. On the local level, the school is connected to the neighborhood and city around it through a variety of activities including field trips and community service outings. The school teaches children about the cultures of the world so that they understand their place in it and view themselves as global citizens. The school attracts a diverse student body that provides an invaluable resource for all grades.

The MCH administrators share a commitment to the school’s mission and vision, and make educational and organizational decisions in line with both. Our highly qualified and Montessori-trained faculty is the backbone of the school. The strong professional support they receive promotes the school’s stability and continuity. As well as being experienced and motivated, faculty and staff are self-directed and enjoy a sense of community and cooperation. The Board is a cohesive group of alumni parents, educators, and community leaders who are committed to the success of the school and enhance its resources and recognition. The administrators and Board together measure performance and review the strategic plan to ensure that MCH fulfills its mission and meets it goals.

The education of the whole child is a cooperative effort and the MCH community is committed to keeping students, teachers, parents, Board members and alumni connected. They are informed and updated on current happenings and celebrations. Current parents, as well as alumni parents, are a dedicated group and often volunteer their time for special projects both within and outside of the classroom.