The Montessori Method

The Montessori method is one of the oldest methods of progressive education, rooted in the belief that children have an innate desire and motivation to learn. What sets Montessori apart from other progressive pedagogies is the unique curriculum, which is supported by didactic materials. Montessori teachers are trained to understand the lessons that correspond with each material and to guide the child through a carefully prepared environment.

Prepared Environment

The prepared environment is Montessori’s term for a carefully organized setting for children, filled with specific materials. Children are free to move about the room, choosing their materials and work space. The environment is designed to be child-oriented, with furniture, workspaces and materials accessible and appealing to the child. Nothing is random within a Montessori environment; this careful preparation is crucial in order to provide an optimal learning environment for children.

Active Learning

At Montessori Children’s House we encourage children to be curious and independent while they participate in their learning process. Montessori teachers create environments where children have the opportunity to engage, experience, and explore a cosmic education through materials and hands-on learning.


Montessori education encourages good citizenship through grace and courtesy lessons and an early focus on peace education. Our multi-age classrooms encourage older students to be role models, while younger children are mentored and inspired by the work around them. Everyone participates in a classroom environment where we are each reminded that we always have something to learn from one another.

Our Teachers

As a Montessori school, we are a team of educators dedicated to our school mission. We strive to help children become self-directed learners who are able to problem solve, think critically, and work independently. We hope to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Respecting Each Child as an Individual

Montessori education accommodates different learning styles and welcomes children to progress at their own pace. Children are free to explore the classroom environment and develop their own particular interests within each area of the curriculum. The teacher guides the child through the curriculum, supporting both the child’s strengths and areas of need.

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